Friday 12 October 2018

How to win loco Quiz - Trivia games

How to win loco Quiz - Trivia games

Have you been playing Loco Live trivia game for a while? How many of the games you have won so far? May be one or two or nothing? Don't worry! After reading this post you will surely will good amount of money from loco and other trivia games. As we are going to give you the exact secret for your Question How to win Loco Quiz? 

We guarantee you that you will win loco and win some money every time if you just follow some of our steps seriously. We are not going to teach you how to hack or crack! we will show you the legal and exact method How the live trivia games have to be played. 

If you see the names of the  winners at the end you will probably see that there will be always some common winners who win every game and we think them that they are hackers. But the reality is completely different. It is the game of mind, If you know the answer you must give it correctly, What if you are not sure of the correct answer. Here comes our trick.

How to win loco live trivia game ?

Live trivia games like Loco are meant to be played with mind and knowledge, We know no one thinks correctly all the time, In the game like loco there will be only three options in which one is correct and remaining two are wrong. If you want to win LOCO you must not play alone all the time. Remember the rule.

Never play alone : If you know the answer then you will make to the end but what if you struck and your mind is not responding, This is where your friends and family comes into play. Remember never play Loco alone because it's not made for playing alone, If you want to win you must have the concentration and complete interest and attention towards it. This comes when you and your friends are playing together. If you know the answer then you must say out loud what the answer is. If your friends know they will also do the same. 

What if no one know the answer ?

If no one know the answer also you might not take risk of losing all friends at a time every two or single person should try clicking the different answer. As there will only be three options some one should definitely have clicked the right answer. No worry in that. As the first five questions will be easy so that someone from your group will probably know the answers to that. You should have to take the risk only to remaining four questions. 

That too there is a lot of possibility that your friends will be knowing the answer to maximum questions as long as you don't have similar friends like me you will win. This is the only strategy that can make you win every single loco game.Not only loco you can win all the trivia games with this method.

So we hope that we have solved almost your doubt on How to win loco? Some people also try to hack it which is not a fair game, As long as it is played on server it is not good to say exactly as hack but making something easy is a hack, So here we have discussed How to hack loco? Not exactly how to hack it but an idea How the players are winning games by using this technique. 

So these were the most common techniques many people use to play and Win loco. We hope you liked it.
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