Saturday 7 July 2018

Can I play PUBG mobile in 2GB RAM mobile - PUBG in low graphics

Can I play PUBG mobile in 2GB RAM mobile - PUBG in low graphics

Hey Gamer! Welome to this amazing place, I have seen a lot of people searching the Question
Can I play PUBG mobile in 2GB RAM mobile? Even I have searched the same question in the beginning then one of my friend explained me the graphics and requirements that are required for PUBG mobile. He answered some of my questions and I am going to answer some of your doubts regarding PUBG mobile.

Lot of people who are beginner gamers are now totally addicted to PUBG PC and PUBG mobile. Even though it has been lot of time after it had released but there had been a hype from the start of 2018 because lot of Gamers were engaging with PUBG on platforms like YouTube gaming and Twitch. Then PUBG mobile also released so the people who don't have high end Graphics and RAM in their phone were searching for ways to Play PUBG in 2GB RAM.  The answer for all the gamers who want to play PUBG in 2GB RAM mobile is yes! And No! You read it right.

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How to play PUBG mobile in 2GB ram mobile?
So the answer yes is that You can play PUBG mobile using 2gb ram mobile. So here let us not consider only RAM, If we take your processor under consideration in some ways you can still play the game but it won’t be as smooth as you play in other High-End mobiles with 8GB and 16GB ram phones. So you can play PUBG mobile on your 2 Gb+ RAM if you have good Octa core Processor and something like above snapdragon 600, It is possible to play PUBG then. Otherwise with a normal processor you might not be able to play PUBG mobile with just 2GB ram mobile.

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There are many other ways you can play PUBG in small mobile phones. One such method some of the gamers use is using Emulators. In this way you can download and Install the Emulators in your PC and Laptop and you will be able to play PUBG smoothly as the Emulator majorly runs on PC power so your mobile will no longer be taking the heavy games.In this way you can just play PUBG mobile in PC and Laptop, And yet you won't be charged as the PUBG mobile is free.

In order to play PUBG mobile or any other game in PC or laptop using Emulators you must first confirm all the settings and controls needed for the game to be played with the help of keyboard and mouse. This your answer for the question Can I play PUBG mobile in 2GB RAM mobile - PUBG in low graphics? .

But wait! Don't immediately search for Emulators to Play PUBG mobile, Because getting the right Emulator to play a mobile game on PC is not so easy. You must check all the details of the emulator before purchasing it or downloading Free. You will get lot of emulators which say that PUBG can be played using that emulator. Iam not saying you cannot play PUBG in every emulator but You must also see the configurations of the Emulator software and see its maximum FPS and processing speed of the emulation of the game.

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So, I will be writing my next article on the similar topic and i will be sharing with you How actually you can How to play PUBG it in your 2GB ram mobile phone. If you just have 2 Gb ram in your mobile and you want to play an exact similar game to PUBG in 2GB ram, Then Garena Free fire is the one best i would recommend you. I will be playing the game and i like the way it is built, If you want to play this game with me then you can contact me with on Instagram Here at @sharoz_shaik. I will be playing with one of you as DUO or we all together as a Squad every Saturday, Sunday and rest all odd days, If you really want to play with me, then do contact me, I will be happy to play along with you in my spare time. The game totally 99.99% similar to PUBG mobile and can be played in least possible graphics.
How to play PUBG mobile in 4gb RAM mobile? 
Yes PUBG mobile can be played in 4gb RAM mobile but it wont be as good as it is played in a 16 GB RAM mobile, So, you can either change the settings manually to low graphics or you can leave PUBG mobile to detect the best graphics settings to start with your 4GB Ram mobile. So this way you can play PUBG mobile in low graphic phones.

So that's it for day, If I have made any mistake in the above requirements do leave a comment to DM me in Instagram, I will be happy to resolve the mistakes to serve you great content.

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PUBG stands for Player Unknown's Battle Ground 
Developer : Tencent games

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