Thursday 3 May 2018

How to hack Loco and Brain Baazi Trivia games and earn free Paytm cash

How to hack Loco and Brain Baazi Trivia games and 

earn free Paytm cash

Hello everyone, Have you been playing Loco, Brain baazi and other Live Trivia games to win some Cash out of it. But answering all the answers is a very difficult because the level of difficulty after the 5th question will be too high that you will not have any idea about the answer, and Most of the Loco and brain baazi winners are winnig just by some luck and some by Loco and Brain baazi hack.

So why some people are winning continuously and some are not even winning one game, Are those people are winning by genuine or they are using a hack to win Loco, There is high chance that they are using a hack and they don't say you. So How to hack loco and brain baazi

Today ill share you how loco and brain baazi can be hacked. Im not going to explain you in detail How to hack loco and brain baazi but in this article you will get how the Live trivia games like Loco brain baazi, HQ Trivia can be Hacked.

Inorder to hack the Loco or any other Trivia games you will need a php script which will be avaliable online I hope, But i dont recomend you to Hack loco or hack brainbaazi. Also this method is not hacking the app or the script of the app.

The method im going to say you is just a simple script which anylise the screen of the phone, The phone's screen will be mirrored in the PC. The screen will be divied into 4 main parts 

(1) The question - The part of the question is provided and connected to the script which is again connected to the Internet and a Search engine.

(2 3 4 )are the options which are shown in the mobile just below the question the answers will be anylised by the PHP script super fastly and it will search in the browser.  After anylising the answers it will give the most probable answer using Google's Artificial Intelligence and Image anylising techology.

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The most probable answer will be shown in the highest Number, The correct answer will be the Big number.

The following hack of loco or any other Trivia games works with 90% of probable answer. I have never used this nor hacked any trivia game, But ive seen a person on youtube doing this trick, I thought of saying you How he did that,

If you want to use this trick you can use as this is not hacking the original app, But if you use any thing in wrong way is illegal, I hope you better know, So this was todays article about How to hack loco and Brain baazi and other Trivia games and win Free PayTM cash online

So now you know how some people use this type of scripts to Hack loco and Brain baazi.

I'm sure i dont hack nor i recommend you to hack, If you have the knowledge you will win definately. Thank you soo much for being on my Blog , Do follow me on Instagram for quick updtaes.

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