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How true caller app works?Crowd sourcing?

Have you ever amazed how the True caller app works? And how it recognize someone and shows you the Name and details of the caller instantly when you get a call from that particular unknown person or number.

 Today I would like to explain you how the True caller actually works, so make sure to read till the 
end of the article so that you will be clear about How it works.
The concept is very simple but it looks very complex to the person who might not have knowledge about how it actually works. This looks like a magic to them but there is a very simple logic behind it,The logic is known as Crowd Sourcing. Whether it’s the Google maps live traffic or the True caller or any other informative apps works on this technology. The thing happens in this Crowd sourcing is they collect the data from you and shows to you in return. Suppose When a user installs the true caller app in his\her mobile, After installing it all the contacts which are present in the users mobile will sync with the servers of True caller app. In this case The app have millions of users and just imagine How many contacts they might have in their servers which again they use to serve it to users for their queries.

The app might not always be very accurate to show you the details because. Some times what happens is the user might not save a contact of a person with his/her actual name and they might have saved  like example: “bro”,”mom” etc.. or with some other nicknames. In this case the app will collect whatever the Data present in the phone so that it will show it to the user who try to access to that particular contact with the nicknames that was collected from the user. But most of the times we get some idea who the caller is and from where he is calling. As the users of the App increases the accuracy also increases.

So when you get a call from unknown number which is not saved in your contact list, there is a chance that it is saved in some other True caller users mobile by which you will be able to see that particular details of the Unknown number. Many people believe that if you don’t use a smart phone your number will not be shown in the true caller names list This is absolutely wrong if your number and name is in the list of any True caller user it will be on the server.

This brings out a privacy issue that your name is appearing in the search results to others very openly without permission, But there is solution for this issue as you can Unlist or remove your number from the True callers list simply by going to the website of the True caller. So that if you call someone  your name will not be shown to the user..
This is how the crowd sourcing works and at presents the users are on large scale and the data of the users is much larger. They collect the data from you and serve it to you..This is what Crowd sourcing mean.
They have permission to colllect the data and they do have a certificate that they don't leak your data

"Truecaller is submitted for publication in the Truecaller database, for which a Publishing Certificate (Sw: utgivningsbevis) has been issued. Such Publishing Certificate provides for constitutional protection under the Swedish Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression, see the Terms of Service. Please note that no other contact information other than the phone numbers and thereto attached names, Google ID’s and email addresses will be collected and used from Your address book" : From Quora 

I hope you might have got a clear idea about How the True caller app works , and also about the crowd sourcing technology..Do share this post with your friends on FB and your followers on Twitter and Google plus. So that they can also gain a little knowledge in the way you got…Make sure to follow  for more technology related posts daily..

Information source : YouTube/TechnicalGuruji

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