Sunday 12 August 2018

Rakshabandhan viral wishing script - Raksha Bandhan script

Rakshabandhan viral wishing script - Raksha bandhan script

Rakshabandhan viral wishing script
Rakshabandhan viral wishing script

Hey ! Thanks for awesome response for Independence day viral wishing script, Seeing your response for the previous script we thought to bring you with the new Rakshabandhan viral wishing script. The main reason why we are providing you the script is because we want you to grow in the field of event blogging.

Rakshabandhan viral wishing script - Raksha Bandhan script

RakshaBandhan is not just a casual event it is a festival of bond of Love and affection towards each other between the brother and sister.This is why this time we are planning to give the script absolutely for free. The main reason why we are giving Rakshabandhan viral wishing script for free is because most of the new bloggers have been waiting to make some money through the event blog.

The new bloggers most of them have very less knowledge about how the scripts work and they will also have doubt in mind whether they will make income out of it or not. To make them feel better and seeing their budget under consideration. We thought to make the script for free. So that every one who is interested can participate in this event blogging. If you are a new blogger then you can learn a lot from this Free Rakshabandhan viral wishing script.

Competition for  Raksha bandhan script#    (Join our Group)

If you are truely interested in this event of Raksha Bandhan then only participate because there going to be lot of competition if we provide the free script to everyone, So it is important for you to choose whether do you like to do it or not.

Due to the heavy competition we will allow only limited members to work for the script.If you are truly interested in working on  Rakshabandhan viral wishing script then you are welcomed to the world of Event bloggers. You can Register you script Now. The registration will be only for a limited time.We don't want to make heavy competition for the new bloggers so we will be mailing to only those who have registered our script in advance. Also we are only giving Rakshabandhan script for Blogger platform, The reason for this is new bloggers will not be able to buy hosting, and also any  hosting cannot take that much traffic during the event.

So the script will be for Blogger platform, In case if you want to use any other hosting platform then we will be happy to give you the Paid script. If you like. Mostly the free script is enough and it is capable to show better ads through Ad sense.

If you have any other doubts related to event blogging and other stuff related to this you can Join our Facebook Group

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