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How can we stop Bennu Asteroid from hitting earth in 2135?

How can we stop Bennu Asteroid from hitting earth in 2135?

How can we stop Bennu Asteroid from hitting earth in 2135? Here are the ways we can save earth from bennu asteroid.
Asteroid and earth

Nasa says that there is small chance that Asteroid Bennu would hit the earth by 2135.So How can we stop Bennu Asteroid from hitting earth in 2135? Yes we can stop it.But according to some reports also we can say that it will not be a big challenge for us as of by year 2135, We will have the potential and good technology to protect our mother earth.

According to the reports it is stated that the Astereoid bennu is of size equal to the size of Empire State Building, It is not much bigger to cause life extinct on earth but yes If at all it hits some where on earth it will cause much damage to that particular area.

What are scientists views on Bennu Asteroid ?

Asteroids are always interesting but upto that it is of small size, After knowing the size of the Asteroid Bennu the scientists and Astronomy Enthusiasts are fearing about the damage of it. According a scientist The asteroid mass would hit the Earth's surface at a velocity of 12.1 km/s which is  (over 27,000 miles per hour). also space expert’s predicting that people any one within a 50km radius of ground zero would be completely annihilated.

What are the ways to destroy Asteroid Bennu?

While thinking about the asteroid's hit is not enough we should also preplan the things that we need to do to avoid the collision. Scientists will probably find an answer to the question How can we stop Bennu Asteroid from hitting earth in 2135? 

We need to destroy the asteroid bennu before it destroys us. Nasa is trying to reach the Asteroid bennu and it will probably hopes to reach it to collect the rock samples by 2023. As of now the scientists are not even sure about the collision.

* It would be possible to destroy the Bennu asteroid by hitting it with a massive nuclear energy would not be much best way to do so.

*Another technique to destroy the Bennu asteroid is Painting on it.! Really How can painting will destroy the asteroid,We are not sure that it is possible but some scientists proved it by experimenting it with rocks. It was said that painting on it will cause some kind of change in the thermal properties of the asteroid. In this case the asteroid may change its orbit and go away from the earth

When will asteroid Bennu collides with earth?

No one is 100 % sure that it will collide but if at all it has chance of collision scientists at the LLNL calculated a potential collision date as on September 25, 2135. But it has relatively higher chance than other normal asteroids that move in orbits.

Is gravitational force is acting on Bennu Asteroid?

As of now the gravitational force is not acting on the Bennu asteroid but it has higher chance to come close to the earth in which case there is a good chance that the gravitational force would pull  the asteroid toward the earth. So it is possible if it comes near in 2135.

As the technology is going advance it is also important for us to reach broader in space and space technology. we need to study a lot about the asteroids and their behavior. It is very important for us to look for some planet like mars to stay and make habitat there.

There are few more ways for the question How can we stop Bennu Asteroid from hitting earth, And we need to find new ways to destroy the destructive asteroids like bennu which have the greater chances of collisions. It is so late as of now , But we should wake up now to save the world from such disasters....

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How can we stop Bennu Asteroid from hitting earth in 2135?

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